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Located in Chatswood, Gynaecare is a leading specialised medical practice established approx 25 years ago on Sydney's North Shore, historically, to providing medical services to women in the Sydney region. in 2013, we moved from Artarmon to Chatswood, to a brand new purpose built clinic, able to offer a full spectrum of family planning, women’s health services and a range of new services, including men’s health.For this reason we rebranded and are now known as Clinic 66.

Contact us for services such as:

  • STI/STD screening/testing & treatment,
  • Contraception advice,
  • Unplanned pregnancy help or prevention,
  • Cervical screening and colposcopy,
  • HEP-B and HPV vaccination.
  • PrEP

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Extended clinic hours – Mon, Wed, Fri & Sat 8am-6pm. Tues & Thurs 8-8pm

So what is Gyneacare and what do we do?
  • Our traditional range of services include contraception, counselling, termination of pregnancy (medical and surgical), dilatation and curettage (D and C), vasectomy, IUD insertion and removal, STI screening and treatment, cervical screening and colposcopy and minor gynaecological procedures such as skin lesion and cervical polyp removal. Our procedural services are undertaken in our operating theatre, where intravenous sedation is available, enabling 2 doctors to care for you, for the anaesthetic and the procedure itself. Sedation is available for all procedures, though sometimes it may be possible to perform some under local anaesthetic such as IUD insertion. Our highly skilled and experienced doctors will consult with you regarding all aspects of womens health, such as cervical screening, breast checks, contraceptive and family planning advice, fertility and menopause counseling and treatment (including CO2 fractionated laser), polycystic ovarian syndrome and endometriosis. Our doctors will provide you with the very best advice during consultation and treatment, and if you need to undergo any procedure, we will accommodate you if possible in our Chatswood day surgery unit. If you need to be referred to secondary health services, we will. No referral is required to seek our services, as we are a specialized General Practice. However, many other GPs and doctors do refer to us as we are unique in our ability to provide high quality, primary reproductive health services without the hefty fees charged by specialists and hospitals. However, we do have some in-house womens health specialists if you need to be referred. We offer a private, discreet service including ultrasound and intravenous sedation within our dedicated procedural suite. All our clinical staff are specialised in the field of reproductive and sexual health. Our purpose built clinic and operating theatre are conveniently located in Chatswood (a 2 minute walk from Chatswood Chase Shopping Centre, and 10 minute walk from train station and transport interchange) and we're open Monday to Saturday. We have moved from Artarmon, and now have a new name, Clinic 66, but still offer the same great range of services as we did with Gynaecare, only more!