Current Vacancies

We are currently looking for a senior nurse, who has skills and experience in the operating theatre environment, as well as an interested in primary care. This important role, new in our organisation, and offered on a permanent part time position; days negotiable. Candidates will have substantial clinical experience, have excellent organisational skills, and be able to take on a leadership/management role within the organisation as part of our journey toward accreditation with ACHS/NSW Dept Health. Call Luwei Li on (02) 9411 3411 for more information.

Gynaecare is an accredited training practice for Extended Skills post for GP Registrars who are in their final year of training. The next vacancy will arise in August  2015. If you are interested in this post, please speak with Luwei Li on (02)9411 3411.

We are always looking for appropriate multidisciplinary team members to work with us in our Chatswood clinic.  We cater for all aspects of reproductive and sexual health, and so would be very interested in allied health professionals such as pelvic floor physiotherapists, exercise physiologist, dietician (with an understanding of PCOS),  and psychosexual counsellor.