Men do not go to the doctor as frequently as women. They seek medical advice less frequently and later than women. This is often interpreted as men not being concerned about their health, which is not true. However, it is important that men feel that services are appropriate for them, and they have confidence in the facility where they will be seen. Here at Clinic 66, we see men and women, at our  facility in Chatswood.

Men are welcome to attend for “well man checks” to assess risk factors for a number of conditions including diabetes, cardiovascular and prostate disease, depression and anxiety. During a mens health check, we will assess your individual risk factors and provide health promotion advice, enabling men to take control of their health by providing preventative care, thus reducing risk and providing health education. The men’s health check will take place over 2 consultations; the first to gather information and inform investigation requirements ( usually a blood test to check cholesterol at the minimum) and the second to provide full review and recommendations and risk assessment, on the basis of all information provided.

As well as undertaking health checks and screening for a range of common conditions, we specialise in reproductive and sexual health issues such as erectile dysfunction, STI checks, sexual health promotion  as well as procedures such as vasectomy. Men’s reproductive health issues included prostate health, men specific cancers, hormone imbalance such as testosterone deficiency, erectile and ejaculatory problems. If you and your partner are planning a family, there can be male or female factors which can impact on fertility, such as low sperm count or blocked fallopian tubes. We will take a full history and perform physical examination, to evaluate possible male fertility factors. We may also request some tests, such as semen analysis.

Sexual health and wellbeing is fundamental for a healthy relationship,and regardless of your gender preference, we can help manage your concern. We welcome gay and bisexual men, and will see you in addition or instead of your normal family doctor. We will not share any information with anyone, without you requesting us to do so. You don’t need a referral to seek our services, and we are a private, specialised general practice.  At Clinic 66 Sydney north shore clinic, we offer full sexual health screening for all types of sexually transmitted infection even if you have no symptoms, but are concerned that you are at risk. We also prescribe PrEP and S100 drugs.