For an unplanned pregnancy, the news that you are pregnant, is a surprise. With it comes a range of emotions, concerns and questions. Can I cope with a baby? What impact will this have on my life/ family/work? etc. Other social issues to think about relate to the home environment, relationship issues, employment and financial plans. Are you supported by a partner or friend/family support network?  Raising a child is challenging and it is helpful to have support from people who care about you.

Initial tests at confirmation of a pregnancy will  include a blood test to check pregnancy hormone levels, and blood group.  An ultrasound to confirm the dates of the pregnancy is also required. We can provide you with the request forms for these, but the costs are outside of our scope as the services are from other providers.  We can request that you be bulk billed for the tests.

If the tests indicate that you have an early intrauterine pregnancy, then you may be suitable for a medical abortion. Medical abortion by Telehealth means that women from all over Australia can access our team via video call or phone.

Our team will listen to your concerns; request and perform all the initial tests and provide medication; and help guide you through the process from start to finish. We are here to support you through what can be a difficult and challenging experience.