Ideally, pregnancies should be planned, both to make sure you are in good health at the time when you fall pregnant, and have done all that you can to prepare your body for pregnancy. Children can bring great joy to life, but also challenges, which can impact on your physical, mental, financial and social well being.

Many people don’t use formal contraception, and rely on “withdrawal “ or “time of the month” approach to avoiding pregnancy. These informal approaches are not reliable, and even the most careful people can be caught out, and couples who rely on withdrawal or calendar method, frequently fall pregnant, without intending to do so. If the unplanned pregnancy is a happy accident, all well and good, and at Gynaecare, we will happily support you through the pregnancy if you decide to go ahead. We do this through our Shared Antenatal Care programme, to ensure the pregnancy is healthy and progresses normally, and that you will deliver the baby in a hospital close to where you live, or of your choice. Adjustments to your lifestyle, personal and work arrangements, will be required to accommodate the unplanned arrival.

If, however, you find yourself pregnant, but feel unable and unready to have a child, you may wish to consider other options. One option is to consider having the child and adopting it out soon after birth, or having the child looked after in foster care until such time as you feel able to cope with living with the new addition. You will still need to follow a formal antenatal care programme, if you decide to continue with the pregnancy with these plans, to ensure a healthy outcome for you and the baby.

However, if after considering all your options, you decide that you wish to terminate the pregnancy, we can help. Pregnancy termination is never an easy decision, and if you would like to explore your options to be confident in your decision, either with one of our expert nurses, or using another health professional. In any case, you need to feel comfortable, with your decision, and not feel pressured one way or another. We offer pregnancy termination (both medical and surgical) in our Chatswood Clinic. You can also access Medical Abortion via Telehealth.